Birmingham eye treatments

Visually impaired in Birmingham

Since the 1900s eyewear choices have expanded every year. What had formerly been a practical design to hold corrective lenses in place has become a fashion statement. There are now many options open to those requiring correction for the improvement of distance vision such as spectacles, contact lenses and laser surgery.

Pros and cons

Throughout this site we discuss the pros and cons of different optical solutions for people in Birmingham. Obviously each path offers a solution at a cost but the final result is often not as precise as the quality of vision provided by your optometrist within the consulting room unless you choose glasses.

However often during sport, work and on occasional use contact lenses offer a different route. It is however not a solution devoid of glasses since a back-up pair is always required in case of contamination as well as for utilisation in unhealthy environmental conditions.

Glasses and contact lenses used in combination provide a great versatility without intrusive surgery as in laser eye treatment. There are different philosophies on the laser issue. It is not cheap and small side effects exist such as light problems and ghosting effects which are seen by a significant number. There are unfortunately a reduced number of failures which can result in reduction in vision.

Often the resulting vision is not as precise as would have been offered by spectacle or contact lens correction but some people are happy to accept lesser vision to have the advantage of no specs. What must be asserted, however, is that the over 40s will all need spectacles for reading whatever route they take.