As the largest and most populated British city outside London, Birmingham has a long history; dating back over 10,000 years. In the Middle Ages, it was an average market town, but it came to prominence in the 18th century as a hub of intellectual and philosophical progress. At that time, Birmingham was central to England’s experience of the Age of Enlightenment.

In modern history, many of Britain’s most eminent artists, manufacturers, scientists and thinkers came from the West Midlands area. The Industrial Revolution expanded Birmingham’s importance even further, transforming it into the busy, vital place that it still is today.

On this website, you’ll discover some of Birmingham’s rich history, with a special focus on sport. Being such a large and cosmopolitan place, the city has a strong sporting culture. It’s home to hundreds of amateur sports clubs as well as some internationally celebrated teams and venues.

As you’d expect of such a populous area, most types of sports are played in Birmingham, including some you might not imagine, such as lacrosse and roller derby. The broad spectrum of sports played reflects and is enriched by the city’s diverse population.

Football, rugby union and cricket are the three sports that have earned Birmingham most acclaim. Among their many successes, Birmingham City Football Club have been winners of the Football League Cup twice and runners-up once, runners-up in the FA Cup twice, twice winners of the EFL Trophy, and once champions of the modern League Division 2. The team now plays in the English Football League Championship, which is only one rung below the English Premier League.

Please do explore this website to discover more about Birmingham and its long association with sport.