Restaurants in Birmingham

Birmingham FoodIf you are in a desperate need of a vacation and fancy going somewhere different, Birmingham might be your ideal destination. It’ s got something for everyone- including the historical geeks, the foodies, the cultural enthusiasts and those looking for some bustling nightlife. It is the perfect city for exploring somewhere new without having to travel for hours.




A Multicultural Melting Pot of Food

Birmingham is a melting pot for a number of different cultures, so it should come as no surprise that this reflected in the food and the restaurants found in the city. In a city that features cuisines from more than thirty different countries, it is safe to say that no one will feel left out, irrespective of his or her tastes. With more than five Michelin starred restaurants, the notorious Balti Triangle, delicious cheap eats and a vast array of other restaurants , Birmingham’s restaurant scene is pretty much second to none. Are you ready to take your taste buds on an exciting ride?

At Birmingham you are literally spoilt for choice when  deciding you want to eat out. We are pleased to let all foodies know that Birmingham is part of Delice, a global network of ‘Good Food Cities.’ After a lot of lengthy- discussions and careful considerations (and ten pounds heavier!) we have put together a guide to Birmingham’s best restaurants. The following are our pick of best restaurants, varying from cheap eats to the fanciest restaurants in the city.

The Balti Triangle

The Balti Triangle is an area of Balti houses in the South of Birmingham cities. It covers parts of Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Balsall heath. Also know as the Curry Capital of the UK, the Balti Triangle hosts more than 100 Balti houses which attract more than 20,000 visitors a week. The Triangle has about 50 restaurants. So, if you got hungry and would like to try some of the best Balti restaurants in Birmingham we highly recommend the following. Al Frash is one of the oldest Balti restaurants in Birmingham and is the restaurant of choice among many foodies who want to indulge in some tasty naan. Everything is fresh and the way the food looks on the plate is what makes it more tempting. There’s also Shahi Nan Kebab. With its minimalist decor, wonderful service and open- style cooking  this restaurant should definitely be on your list. For more information about Indian Restaurants in Birmingham we invite you to visit this guide.

Burger Places in Birmingham

Buffalo and Rye is a sophisticated burger venue focused on quality and mouthwatering range of burgers. When it comes to finding the best burger in Birmingham look no further than Buffalo and Rye. You can opt for gourmet hot dogs, pit meats and a selection of divine burgers. This low lit restaurant is at the forefront of delivering great food in a truly unique ambiance.

Italian Food in Birmingham

And of course Birmingham caters for all the Italian food lovers. We tried Italian food all around the world, thus the bar has definitely been raised. The following are some of  our favourite Italian restaurants in Birmingham. This delightful back street trattoria is a hidden gem. If you don’t know about it, you can easily miss it. When we heard about Gustami we were excited to try it out, and we definitely don’t regret it. When I learnt that Gustami has a wood- burning over, I knew I was going to opt for the pizza. To describe the Margherita as divine is an understatement.  There are seven different ones to choose from- choose wisely!

And if you want to try some of Jamie Oliver‘s food then you should head over to Jamie’s Italian. It is located in the Bullring shopping centre, right in the heart of the city. The restaurant is designed in a way to reflect the city’s industrial past. It offers all those who visit an vibrant and unique dining experience, overlooking stupendous views and the stunning St Martin’s church. Jamie’s Italian is ideal whether you’re coming in for a quick lunch, or out for a quick dinner with friends on a Saturday night.

Whichever option you choose, it is guaranteed that you won’t be dissapointed. If you are planning a trip to Birmingham soon make sure you bookmark these restaurants.